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Austin Air Is The Only Clinically Proven Manufacturer of Medical-Grade HEPA Air Purifiers

We’ve worked with organizations such as Johns Hopkins University, the American Academy of Pediatrics, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, the University of Washington, and Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering. Six clinical trials, six successful outcomes. 

Professional Athletes Use Austin Air Purifiers for Athletic Performance and Recovery

Serious athletes understand the importance of an adequate oxygen supply during and after high-intensity workouts. They understand that poor air quality can decrease lung function disrupting this supply. That’s why professional athletes use Austin Air purifiers as part of their respiratory training protocol. 

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Air Quality: 20 Places to Check in Your House

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Changing the Filter on Your Austin Air



CMF & Decibel Standards

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All Air Purifiers are NOT the Same

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Technical Specs

Technical Specs of Austin Air

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Product Guide

Which Austin Air Purifier is Right for Me?

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